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On the Road

We’re on the road this week.  We worshiped at Redeemer, Lynchburg this morning.  Hallie’s family attends there.  It’s a great church.  They’re about three months into their first foray as a mulit-site church.  It was really exciting to worship with them this morning.  My plan is to pattern our work in Culpeper after the Lynchburg model.

Tomorrow night we’ll be in Charlottesville for a fund raising dessert.  It will be held at Grace Community Church and will comprise people from both Grace Community and Trinity.  What makes it so profound is that Grace Community was a plant of Trinity.  So tomorrow night will be a meeting with three generations of church plants: Trinity, Grace Community, and now Culpeper Mission.  How amazing to be a part of God’s Kingdom extension throughout this portion of VA.

I keep telling people that we are claiming Jesus’ promise that when he is lifted up, all men will be drawn to him.  Our goal is to lift Jesus up, to exalt him and his work.  He accomplishes the rest.

Lift him up!


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January 11, 2009 at 2:39 pm

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Its official.  Finally.  [sigh of relief]  I have been called to be the church planter for the Culpeper Mission Church in Culpeper, VA.  Excitement and terror are throwing a big party inside my soul right now.  I couldn’t be more excited to help the growing core group start a church for the honor of Jesus.  At the same time church planting is no walk in the park.  In fact, all the church planters I know say it is incredibly difficult.  I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

It’ll be another six months until we’re on the ground in Culpeper.  Most of that time will be spent,

  • Praying like crazy
  • Raising financial support
  • Raising prayer partners
  • Growing in my knowledge of the fundamentals of church planting
  • Preparing to leave my current church well

Needless to say, I could use prayer for my family and my ministry.

For more information on Culpeper you can check out:

Written by Joe Holland

December 8, 2008 at 3:38 pm

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