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Mouth and Mind

The sum of the matter lies here: It is our duty to speak truth, that is, so as our mind agree with the matter, and our mouth with our mind.  We must speak things as we think them to be, and think them to be what they are.

– Thomas Boston, The Complete Works of the Late Rev. Thomas Boston (1853; repr., Tentmaker Publications: Stokes-on-Trent, 2002), 2:312.


Here Thomas Boston reflects on the ninth commandment–the Christian’s need to speak the truth.  He sees in it the double necessity of being true to one’s self and true to the subject at hand.  Or to put it another way, the Christian must speak the truth and believe the truth he speaks.

In just a few paltry words, Boston gets to the heart of Christian religion.  It is not intellectual assent.  Even demons confess that Jesus is Lord (James 2:19).  It is a heart-faith tied to mouth-faith that makes true faith.  At the same time I know how often cowardice gets the best of the Christian.  He truly believes that Jesus is the only hope for the lost sinner yet his mouth rebels against his heart in the evangelistic moment.  No, one cannot exist without the other.  Truth is verified by the tongue in concert with the heart.


Written by Joe Holland

October 28, 2008 at 9:16 am

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